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001_1920 1st yr B
002_1920 1st yr high A
003_1920 1st yr high B
004_1920 2nd high A
005_1920 2nd yr. high -A-
Top Row-Left to Right
Noland, Ruesner, Growney, Barulich, Sullivan, Theis.
Middle Row-Left to Right
Mery, Sullivan, J., McSweeney, Mr. Acristapace S.J., Mackin, Wallis, Kropp.
Bottom Row-Left to Right
Gaffney, McCarthy, Olsen
2nd High A., 1920. Mr. Acristapace S.J.
St. Ignatius.
"Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child."
006_1920 3rd high A
007_1920 3rd high B
008_1920 4th yr high
009_1920 baseball team
010_1920 basketball
011_1920 Pius L. Moore President 1919-1925
012_1920 redandblueOct14
013_1920 second high B
014_1920 ShirtFactory
015_1920 Si Church
016_1920 special class
017_1920s baseball
018_1920s baseballB
SIHS baseball team with SIC coach in the 1920s at Ewing Field a profssional sports venuue off Masonic Avenue between Anza and Turk. Note the base of the cross atop Lone Mountain in the background. Also note the eclectic variety of uniforms that players in the day wore for competiton representing the school.
019_1920s baseballfranksilva
Late 1920s SI baseball team with Frank Silva manager in upper left row in ill fitting civilian clothes.
020_1920s SancSociety
Mr. John Laherty's Sanctuary Society, SI Church; picture IDs at Archive in Los Gatos; Ed Whelan top row fourth from left; Al Whelan top row 12th from left
021_1920s SI football
022_1920s SIChurchView
A 1920s view of SI Church with Welch Hall. St. Mary's Hospital building is clearly visible in this shot taken from Olympic Terrace towards NW San Francisco.
023_1920s st ignatius high students
024_1921 _ Classof
Photo courtetsy of Walter Schmidt (Jesuit from SCU); class of 1912? but perhaps 1921
025_1921 WelchHallConstruction
026_1922 2nd high A
027_1922 2nd high B
028_1922 2nd high C
029_1922 3rd high A
030_1922 3rd high B
031_1922 5-10-22 1924
032_1922 basketball
033_1923 1st high D
034_1923 1st high E
035_1923 1st high F
036_1923 2nd high B
037_1923 2nd high C
038_1923 2nd high D
039_1923 3rd high A
040_1923 3rd high B
041_1923 3rd high C
042_1923 4th high B
043_1923 SIfaculty
Seated: Pat Foote, James Taylor, Leo Simpson, Pius Moore (rector) Joseph Riordan, Hubertr Flynn, George Gilvert
2nd row: George Bailey, John Mootz, John McCummisky, James Colligan, ?, Victor White, James Conlon, Anthony Drathman, John Gearon, Denis Kavanagh.
Top: Mr. Charles Coughlin, Bart o'Neill, ? Paul Corkery, Harold Buckley, Peter baltussen, Louis Fink (scholastics)
044_1924 1st high A
045_1924 1st high B
046_1924 1st high C
047_1924 1st high E
048_1924 2nd high B
049_1924 2nd high C
050_1924 2nd high D
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