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053_1939 crew story
SI Varsity Crew in 1939 after winning the All City Championship. Photo provided by Timothy Sullivan, the father of Maureen Revel (Dominique 99, Henri 01) and Carolyn Coe (Kevin 99, Erin 97, Brian 05), who died in 2002. On Stanyan Street looking north at Lone Mountain College on the hilltop now known as USF. Front row: Rossi, Tobin, Bartlett, Crowley, Roche, Matthew, Allen, Timothy Sullivan, Older; back row: Barsotti, Watson, Strong, Connolly, D. Lavelle, Richard Egan, Matteucci, Gres, Murphy, L. Lavelle, Stemple, Nardi.
049_1936 class reunion C
048_1939 BobLagomarsino
047_1939 RichardEgan2
Richard Egan, John Connolly, SJ, Edward Whelan, SJ, X, Fr. Lloyd Burns, SJ; at the centennial dinner at the Fairmont
046_1939 Actor Richard Egan
045e_1938-54 SI & USF President WilliamDunne
045e_1938-54 SI & USF President WilliamDunne
045d_1938 Complete-1
045c_1938 SchoolC
045b_1938 school B
045a_1938 School A
044_1937 basketball_
043_1936-39 Louis Batmale Coach Teacher
042_1939-1940 Freshman
(Front) Ralph Johnson, Larry Sullivan, Ed Juaregui, and Vin Shuhan
(Back) Jinn Callan, Dixan, Dan Dolan, Jerry Morehose and Phil Juaregui
041_1936 alwilseyb&w
040_1936 AlWornerCertificate
039_1936 A lWorner
In 1929, the class of 1933 posed in front of the new Stanyan Street campus. These freshmen would watch grave diggers remove remains from the old cemeteries in the neighborhood. Photo courtesy of Patty Shanahan. Tom Kennedy, Patrick Mulvey, Neil Dunning, Ewing Baden, John D'Amico, Theodore M. Laurie, Charles Dwyer, H.M. Kincaid, Milton M. Meuli, J.J. Bertrand, Charles DeLanly, M. Lynch, Jack Murray, D.A. O'Keefe, Val King, J. Buckley, A.W. Halon, SJ, John C. Filippini, Ernest Geneve, Albert Maggini, Chris Maggini, Leonard L. Leahy, Martin J. Mulvany, Lyle Maritzin. Harry Griffith VI, John MacDonald, Frank Miles, H. de Fine Olivarius Jr. John Barry, Frank Luganni, Frank McCarthy, Robert Harris, T. Higgins.
037_1933 Honors
036_1933 Dramatic Art Contest
St. John Berchmans Sanc Society, junior division, 1932,
TOp: Thomas Reed, Gerald Crilly, O'Toole, William Whitfield; John Whelan;
Second: Constantine Khlentzos; Hillard; Cornelius O'Connor; Paul Kelly; McKannay; Greany; Glavich.
Third: Hurley; Charles Dullea, J. Kelly; Mr. Raymond McGrorey, SJ; Casey; John Cownes; Daniel O'Hara
Front: Timothy Lynch; Thomas Richardson; Harry Carlin; Harold Sullivan; Finigan; Patrick Butler; Douglas Stevenson, Dineen.
Pic appears on page 77 1932 Heights; Photo from Patrick G. Butler, MD Nov. 2002
034_1932-1945 principal James King
033_1932 Honors
032_1932 football
031_1932 class
030_1932 campus
029_1931 Wlater Semeria
028_1931 Jubilee
027_1931 Honors
026_1930s Welch Hall
024_1930s StanyanStreetView
Campus view by air 1933. The cemetery sites in the Masonic Cemetery are visible in this photograph. The bodies were "mostly" all removed by 1941 from the sites seen in this picture.
Also seen are the San Francisco College for Women on Lone Mountain, the GG Bridge, Temple Emmanuel, st. Mary's Hospital (in lower left) and Campion Hall, Welch Hall, St. Ignatius Church and SI High School.
023_1930s StanyanStreetFootballField
022_1930s StanyanBleacherConstruction
Photo by Stroupe & Schreiner Every Thing Photographic Garfield 5447 102 De Young bldg. SF
021_1930s seniorclass
A senior class from the 1930s. George Malley is at far left in white.
020_1930s FrHubbard1933
These men explored Alaska with Fr. Hubbard, Katmai is stuffed and possibily at SCU
019_1930s Fr.Hubbard4
018_1930s Fr.Hubbard3
017_1930s Fr.Hubbard2
016_1930s Fr.Hubbard
015_1930s Fleishhacker Pool
Fleischacker Poll at the Zoo-Sloat and 48th Avenue. The largest "heated" salt water pool in the world. The AAA Swimming Championship competition was always held at this pool. The pool despite many efforts at repair and maintenance finally was abandoned, drained, and during the 1990s filled in. It is now the parking lot for the New SF Zoo with the new entrance on the Great Highway.
014_1930s Dons football2
013_1930sdons football
012_1930s Class
1937 SIHS 130lb. basketball team.
011_1930s class photo
010_1930s church masonic cemetery
009_1930s campus
008_1930s AlCleary2
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