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001_1940 SI & USF
002-1940-44 coach AlexSchwarz
003_1940-44 coach AlexSchwarzB
004_1940-1941 Freshman 100's Basketball
Francis Saussotte and Freshman 100s basketball team
(3d year regency, 1940-1941)
J. Monaghan relictor
From left, Ken Finn, Emmett Purcell, Bill Antoni, Art Latham all class of 1940.
006_1940s Basketball Stars with George Moscone 1948
At an alumni game; Joe McNamee 44, Herb Schoenstein 49, Bob Wiebusch 50, Kevin O'Shea 43, George Moscone 48, Ron Moresco 48, Cap Lavin 48, Don Benedetti 49, Harvey Christensen 43, Rudy Zannini 50
007_1940s building
008_1940S campus
009_1940s Chuck&JB
010_1940s JB Murphy
011_1940s Classroom
012_1940s footballteam photo white jerseys frosh_
013_1940s Fr. Alexander Cody,
014_1940s Fr. Alexander Cody
015_1940s ROTCArmoryduo
016_1940s swim team photo
SIHS swim team 1943. Photograph taken on the stage of the SI Auditorium/Theater 222 Stanyan Street campus.
017_1940s trundleseatduo
018_1940s yellleaders
019_1941 Class 3
020_1941 Class 4
023_1941 Class 5
024_1941 Class 6
025_1941 class 7
026_1941 Class 8
027_1941 Class 9
028_1941 Class 10
029_1941 Class 11
030_1941 Class 12
031_1941 CLASS 13
032_1941 Class Fr. Ed McFadden SI Principal 1960s 70s
034_1941 Class2
035_1941 crew
036_1941 many people
037_1941 Stanyan Street Cafeteria
038_1941-1942 Freshman 100's
Front Row: John Giosso(F.), Leo Cunningham(F.), George O'Connell(G.), James Monaghan, S.J., Don Speckman(G.), Bob Engler(G.), and Bob Dryden(F.).
Top Row: Vin Morehouse(G.), Franny di Grazia(C.+G.), Harold (Mike) Finn(C.+G.), Walter (Mel) Walsh(G.), Johnny Jihill(F.+C.), and Iran Slarich(E.).
040_1942 charliesilveracard
041_1942 charliesilvera
042_1942 class
043_1942 DanCallaghan
044_1940s Fast potomac
045_1940s USS Potomoac C
046_1940s DanCallaghanFDR1
047_1942 DanCallaghanFDR3
048_1942 DanCallaghanFDR2
W473446 Rossevelt, Cardinal Mundelein observe Navy Day Washington, DC -- President Roosevelt and George Carinal Mundelein, Catholic Prelate of Chicago, were aboard the presidential yacht, Potomac, here Oct. 27, 1938, attending Navy Day ceremonies at the Navy Yard. This shows President Roosevelt (center) watching planes overhead. At right is cardinal Mundelein and at left is Com. Daniel Callaghan, White House Naval Aide. Credit Line (ACME) #1FN 10/27/38 (cutline below photo)
049_ USSSanFrancisco
050_1942 el retiro san inigo
051_1942 el retiro san inigo
052_1942 Fr Lo Schiavo and Ricky Curotto
053_1942 Fr Lo Schiavo Koret time capsule
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