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001_1970 dedication to new Si campus
Left to right
Richard . Vaughan
Robert Maloney
Rev. Cornelius Burns
edmund Mcfadden
Patrick Donahue
003_1970 doors to church
004_1970 ArchbishopMcGuckenDedication
Fr. Carlin & Archbishop McGucken -- probably at the dedication of the school in April 1970.
005_1970 SIArchitecture
006_1970 New Campus
007_1970 graduating students exit the school
008_1970 SunsetDistrictCampus
009_1970 Jesuit Brothers
010_1970 ArchbishopMcGucken
011_1970 Fr.CharlesB.LarganSJ
Photo appeared in 1970 & 1974 Genesis
012_1972 Br.Draper2
013_1970 FrRichardSpohnSJ
014_1970 open house
015_1970 OpenHouseFr.Carlin
016_1970 studens enter science classrooom
017_1970 PhysicsCabinet
018_1970 Teachers
019_1970s Chuck Murphy
020_1970s Fr. Curtis Bryant SJ
021_1970s Fr. Francis Stiegeler
022_1970-73 President Cornelius Micheal Buckley SJ
023_1970s Rev. Ronald p. _elmo' Dodd, 1920-1987
024_1970s Joe parker and students
025_1970s LeoLaRocca
026_1970s lolagiusti
027_1970s LuisSagastumeduo
028_1970s Auction
029_1970s Track
030_1973 MichaelGilmore
031_1970s Track2
032_1970s trackhurdles
033_1970s baseballplayer
Mr.Jim Dekker '68 director of alumni affairs during his early baseball coaching days at SI. He is in the process of walking towards the mound "for the purpose of removing his pitcher John Grealish from the contest for getting shelled by the Sacred Heart Irish batters." The awful cap and the polyester uniform indicates that this was a 1970s photograph
034_1970s JimDekkerBaseball
035_1970s Baseball Team Photo
036_1970s baseball1
John Grealish Vice Principal Student Affairs when he played baseball for the SI team under Mr. Dekker.
037_1970s Bill Kennedy and Joe Parker
038_1970s football field from the sky
039_1970s Gil Haskell, Mike Thomas, Bill Laveroni
040_1970s blocks for #45
041_1970s qb an lineman practicing
042_1970s #88 catches the ball
043_1970s CLC
044_1970s CLC2
045_1970s FiddlerontheRoof
046_1970s Ignatian Guild
Mother's Guild Officers 1970s
047_1970s nostalgia50s
048_1970s Stage Coach West
049_1970sSr. Catherine De Backduo
050_1970s drucker
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