Golden Diploma Class of 1969 by SiPrep
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  2. August 2018 to July 2019
  3. Golden Diploma Class of 1969Golden Diploma Class of 1969
Class of 1998 20 Year Reunion
Summer Programs 2019
Red & Blue Campus Crawl
Graduation - Class of 2019
Baccalaureate Mass - Class of 2019
SI Athletics 2018-2019
Awards Assembly (Photos by Bowerbird Photography)
Transition Liturgy - May 23, 2019 (Photos by CG)
Transition Liturgy (Photos by Bowerbird Photography)
Day on the Green
Performing Stars Dinner (Photos by Bowerbird Photography)
Senior Prom - May 18, 2019 (Photos by Carlos Gazulla)
Stanyan Street Campus Reunion
Magis Celebration (Photos by Bowerbird Photography)
Carlin Lunch (Photos by Bowerbird Photography)
Father Student Night with Mayor Breed (photos by Bowerbird Photography)
College Athlete Breakfast
International Food Faire - May 4th. 2019 (Photos by CG)
JPC Basketball Game - May 3rd. 2019 (Photos by CG)
Spring Pops (Photos by Bowerbird Photography)
Fashion Show Chair Reunion
Mother & Student Communion Breakfast (April 28, 2019) - Photos by Carlos Gazulla
70s_80s_90s_Lunch Original Joe's
Spring Dance Concert II
Spring Dance Concert
NLI Signing Day Spring 2019
Prayer Service - April 11th, 2019 (Photos by CG)
Adm. Daniel Callaghan Society Dinner
Golden Diploma Class of 1969
Women's Alumnae Brunch (Photos by Bowerbird Photography)
Grandparents Day
Chairman's Circle Celebration
Locks for Love & St.Baldrick's
Addams Family Cast 2 (Photos by Bowerbird Photography)
Addams Family Cast 1 (Photos by Bowerbird Photography)
Mother-Son Dance - March 8, 2019
SI Cabaret
Auction - Strictly Hardly Red & Bluegrass
Mother Daughter Night
SI Business Lunch
NLI Signing Day Winter 2019
25th Annual "Joey Alioto" Fathers' Club Crab Feed - February 2, 2019 (Photos by CG)
Piano Recital
3rd. Quarter Prayer Service - February 1st, 2019 (Photos by CG)
Fine Arts Assembly
MLK March - January 21, 2019 (Photos by CG)
SI Live
Winter Dance Concert
Winter Concert
Pasko by PT
Alumni Christmas Lunches
Choral Concert
President's Cabinet Dinner
Prayer Service - November 30, 2018 (Photos by Carlos Gazulla)
NLI Signing Day Fall 2018
Class of 2008 10 Year Reunion
Christ the King Award John Duggan ’59
Class of 1993 25 Year Reunion
Fall Play Cast 3
Fall Play Cast 2
Fall Play Cast 1
Open House
Sangiacomo Fr Sauer Academy Visit 10/31/18
Dan Linehan Tommy Bahama Golf Tournament
Class of 1983 35th Reunion
Father Student Communion Breakfast
ALAS Showcase
Fr. Sauer Academy
NERT Citywide Drill
Off the Gridiron
Prayer Service - October 12th. 2018 (Photos by Carlos Gazulla)
Playwright Festival
Bruce-Mahoney Stands
Spirit Week - October 2018 (Photos by CG)
Latin Vesuvius Cake (YJ)
Fashion Show
Affinity Groups X-period (YJ)
Tom Brandi '63 St. Thomas More Award
Asian Students Coalition Kickoff
Mass of the Holy Spirit
Capital Campaign, Meet the New Guard Fundraiser dinner, sponsored by Riaz Taplin ‘99
Visit Day #1 (YJ)
Class of 1969 Court Reception
First Day of School - August 24th 2018 - Photos by CG
Freshman Orientation Day 2
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