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0001a_Prncipal TomReed1957-64
0001_1960s old campus pic # 3
0002_1960s old campus pic #1
0003_1960s old campus pic #2
0004_1960s stanyanstreet
0005_1960s StanyanStreetCampus
0006_1960s campus
0007_1960s EPI aerial downtown sat
0011_1960s Leo Hyde Students
0012_1960s #10 studying
0013_1960s #10 studyingduo
0014_1960s Bill Kennedy
0015_1960s dresscode
0016_1960s fr rossi ordem de cruzeiro sul
0017_1960s guy holding pen
Teacher is Mr. J. Spinetta, SJ, who taught Latin 2, 4 and moderator of the Ignatian and the Sanctuary Society
0018_1960s JamesOBrienSJ
Photo courtesy of Ralph Demeree & RIchard Osborn Air News Photos & SF Chronicle
0019_1960s Jim nabors at SI auction
0020_1960s jim nabors on SI stage
0021_1960s JimKeating
0022_1960s Mal Buley
0023_1960s Nick Weber
Mr. Nicholas Webber, SJ English and Drama teacher at SIHS
0024_1960s Rev. Ronald p. _elmo' Dodd, 1920-1987
0026_1960s StanyanStudent&Priest
0027_1960s ThomasReedBlockClub
0028_1960s oldringduo
0029_1960s VietnamVetRubbings
0030_1960s Vietnam RIP BobReed Class of 51 t
0031_1960s Vietnam Vet RIP JohnSantos class of 51
0032_1960s RIP in Vietnam Denis O'Connor Class of 1958
0033_1960s Vietnam RIP Patty&Denis O'Connor
0034_1960s Vietnam RIP Richard Arthur Timboe SI 1962
0035_1960s Vietnam RIP Richard Arthur Timboe SI 19622
0036_1960s Vietnam RIP RichBloom Class of 1960
Rich Bloom
0038_1961 Los Gatos
Left to Right
Murray, Rice, Saceone, Leherheyer, Leanardinum, Lane
0039_1962 Ron Elliott Songwriter Guitarist for Beau Brummels
0040_1960s TringaliErskine
0041_1962 SITopRatedinNation
0043_1963 denniscarter
0044_1963 fr pres dullea 1963
0045_1964 Christmas Dance Leite Wilpitz
0046_1964 FrBecker1964christmasdance
0047_1964 SI-SH Dance 1964
0048_1964-70 SI President Father Carlin
0049_1964-76 Principal Ed McFadden
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